Counter Strike Unity 3d

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Counter Strike Unity 3d

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Counter Strike Unity 3d Game Description :

Counter Strike Unity 3dCounter Strike 1.6 unity 3d is an online shooting game that you can play with friends in multiplayer mode. Enter in the virtual world and choose your team for that you want to fight the terrorists or the counter terrorists shooting after enemies with guns whose ammunition is limited. Try to aim the opponent's head for a perfect head shot. Use different strategies to get a high score for example if you choose the counter terrorists team then your mission is to guard the two points and defuse the bomb and if you choose the terrorists team then you have to put the bomb in a hidden place to explode it and shoot as many terrorists as you can. Play Counter Strike 1.6 unity 3d online and enjoy an exceptional graphics in multiplayer mode or with bots that will train you to get better with guns or machine gun to shoot as many enemies. Remember that you can use in this fight grenades or even just a knife for a humiliation kill. Have fun with the game counter strike 1.6 unity 3d that you can play for free on with friends
Games » Unity 3d games » Counter Strike Unity 3d
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