Earn To Die

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Earn To Die

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Earn To Die Game Description :

Earn To DieEarn To Die is an online game in that the world has been invaded by zombies and your only hope to escape is to dirive with a car so that you get to the safe point where you will be saved by the last rescue helicopter. The road to the safe point will not be easy because you will meet many zombies that you must pass over with the car but they will slow you down like the bumps route so to avoid this to happen collect as many points and make upgrades to your car with a machinegun to shoot zombies or get stronger wheels to go easier over the zombies or a more powerful engine to catch more speed and most important is that you can increase your tank to put in more fuel so that you can reach the helicopter in time. Have fun with this zombie game Earn to die at gamestre.com
Games » Zombie games » Earn To Die
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