Gangster Tough Justice

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Gangster Tough Justice

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Gangster Tough Justice Game Description :

Gangster Tough JusticeGangster squad tough justice is a 3d shooting game that is made with the characters from the movie with the same name. Choose your favorite character and enter into the bandits neighborhood that are armed and dangerous and you need to destroy them to fulfill the mission you received from the good father that is a gangster and the mafia boss, you do not want to upset him or disappoint him. Shoot up as many enemies and search through boxes and closets to find new weapons and ammunition for the pistol or medical kits that will restore your life. Collect many points for upgrades to weapons, explosives and bullets. Show how brave you are and throw grenades when the situation becomes too difficult. Enjoy the online game gangster squad tough justice that you can play for free.
Games » Shoot em up games » Gangster Tough Justice
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