Granny Strikes Back

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Granny Strikes Back

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Granny Strikes Back Game Description :

Granny Strikes BackGranny strikes back is a shooting game in that the old granny is living alone in the wilderness peacefully far from civilization until a flying saucer crashed near her house. To repair the ship and leave our planet the aliens need a special fuel that is raspberry jam. Granny's house is attacked by troops formed of snow monsters created by the aliens to grab grandma's jam, but they did not know that granny was a special agent. Help to protect granny's house and raspberry jam by putting traps in the back yard. Throw after the snow monsters with frying pans and collect all bonuses for upgrades and new weapons with that you can easily destroy all monsters. Move with granny using the WASD keys and to aim and shoot after monsters use the mouse.
Games » Shoot em up games » Granny Strikes Back
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