Tequila Zombies 1

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Tequila Zombies 1

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Tequila Zombies 1 Game Description :

Tequila Zombies 1Tequila zombies 1 is an online game for the brave ones in that the dead zombies came from the earth and formed an army to destroy the planet. Defend your planet and cut the zombie with the sword or chainsaw and collect the coins that will catch you good at the end of each level for guns upgrades. You must change your weapons with new ones that have more destructive power because zombies become immune and can no longer be destroyed. Fight the zombies boss that is hard to break because of his armor and collect weapons and medical kits if you remain without bullets or life. For more destruction drink many bottles of tequila and hot chili that will give you special powers like to throw flames on the mouth or shoot bombs from a guitar that will destroy all zombies on the battlefield.
Games » Zombie games » Tequila Zombies 1
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