Wizard Walls

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Wizard Walls

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Wizard Walls Game Description :

Wizard WallsWizard walls is a game with sheeps and many good wizards that strives to protect the sheeps from the monsters that are trying to destroy them by throwing large rocks that you must reject with magic. Use your magic to draw lines of fire and stone to reject the rocks meant to destroy the sheeps and throw them back to the monsters to be destroyed by their own weapons. This game will provide levels where the magician is in a balloon that is attacked by flying monsters or levels in that the king's army led by the magician is fighting with the monsters soldiers that you must defeat. Gather all the gold coins that you get bonus for each destroyed monster to make several upgrades like powerful magic such as fire and better protection for sheeps. Have fun with the game Wizard walls.
Games » Sheep games » Wizard Walls
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