Zombie Situation

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Zombie Situation

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Zombie Situation Game Description :

Zombie SituationAfter you get home from work you find on the refrigerator your girlfriend left ticket that says that she went to the supermarket to shop, and meanwhile you heard on the radio that the city is attacked by green monsters. Call your girlfriend that is stuck in the supermarket unharmed where you will have to save her. Zombie Situation is an exciting game where you have to shoot zombies with a gun and when the zombies are very close shoot with the shootgun with many bullets at once, and after you get to the supermarket use the machine gun to shoot all the zombies that fly and land with a umbrella. Use the walls for protection that will prevent the zombies to reach you and bite you for a limited time. Destroy all green monsters and fast zombies that are most difficult to destroy. Have fun with the shooting game zombies situation.
Games » Zombie games » Zombie Situation
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